January 1, 2015

Photo purchased in Nashville, Tennessee taken by Rector, Arkansas photographer

Couple photographed by J.C. Harper, Rector, Arkansas


This photo was purchased at a flea market in Nashville, Tennessee in January 2014.  The photographer is J.C. Harper of Rector, Arkansas.  A Google search with photographer’s name and town yielded an Arkansas History Commission listing of photographers. This publication listed J.C. Harper as a photographer in 1898-1900 in Rector, Clay County, Arkansas.  Did your ancestors come from this northeast Arkansas town?  Who would like to approximate the date of the photo based on the dress style?


  • I am currently researching how my Great Grandfather ended up in Clay County. I have a photograph of him and his mother and father taken by the very same photographer. Like your photo; judging by the dress, it had to be taken at the turn of the 20th century.

    • Good luck with your research, Michael. I’ve not had any more clues on Rector, Arkansas photo. Hopefully someday someone will see it and claim their ancestors!

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