February 1, 2015

Photo taken by studio in Waukegan, Illinois

Class photo Waukegan Illinois photographer

Purchased at a flea market in Nashville, Tennessee.  This one is a “Cold Case” because I have no clue other than the photo was taken by Steimonts Studio of Waukegan, Illinois.  Can you help me solve this mystery?  Approximately what year? Is it a senior class or some other type of class?  Can you identify anyone in this picture?

Following the suggestion of a visitor to the website, I contacted the Waukegan History Museum. I got a quick response that they would like the photo. This lovely group photo is on its way back to the town it originated in….Waukegan, Illinois! Many happy returns!


  • My mom grew up in Waukegan in the 1940s and I have some old photo folios with the studio name imprinted on them. When I googled “Steimonts photo, Waukegan, IL” your post came up.
    I feel sure this is a high school senior class photo, but couldn’t guess at the year. You may have already done this, but you could contact: https://www.waukeganhistorical.org/ to see whether they could give you more info or would want it for their collection? Best of luck!

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