July 19, 2015

Emma & Milton Sourbeer from Philadelphia

Milton & Emma Sourbeer

This photo was purchased at a Branson, Missouri flea market in June 2015.  At the bottom in ink is written “Milton & Emma Sourbeer.”  The photographer was from Philadelphia.  With an unusual name like Sourbeer it was a quick find to locate Emma and Milton in the Family Tree at FamilySearch.org.  I’ve uploaded their picture to their entries on Family Search.  Did Emma and Milton have children?  The Family Tree doesn’t list any, but still to be determined.  Hoping to return the picture to a Sourbeer descendant!

UPDATE:  Another Google search landed a scanned copy of a genealogy book at Harvard College Library titled “A History of the Kagy Relationship in America” that lists Milton Sourbeer ( son of Amos and Catharine (Hess) Sourbeer) and his wife Emma Frances Wright.  It says Milton and Emma were married March 2, 1881 and had no children.  With no direct descendants, it will be tough to find family members to whom this photo can be returned. Hopefully there is a Sourbeer family archivist who would like to have it.

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