October 15, 2015

Photos of Barger ladies found north of Kansas City, Missouri, now headed to Illinois

Photo purchased at KC flea market labeled Blanche BargerPhoto purchased at KC flea market labeled Sarah (Peal) BargerPhoto bot at KC flea market labeled to Sarah from Jessie

These photos were purchased on September 23, 2015 at Enchanted Frog Antiques in Lathrop, Missouri, just north of Kansas City.  The photos were in the same booth and in the same display box along with a lot of other old photos.  The first photo is labeled Blanche Barger.  The second photo is labeled Sarah (Peal) Barger, Grandmother.  The third only has an inscription of the back “From Jessie, To Aunt Sarah.”  Although I could not find anything definitive on my usual genealogy websites, I did a Google search using the names Sarah Peal Barger Blanche and found an individual’s genealogy website The Brown’s Home Page  which certainly looks like a match.  This website shows Sarah Peal marrying Robert Owen Barger and Blanche Barger was one of their eight children.  Sarah died in Ray County, Missouri which is near where these photos were purchased.  I’m emailing the web page owner to see if they can ID these Barger family photos as their own.

UPDATE:  David and Cindy Brown of Normal, Illinois helped solve the mystery.  Sarah Peal Barger married David’s great-uncle.  The photos will be mailed to David & Cindy so they can be reunited with family once again.  This was one of the quickest mysteries solved to date, only because the Browns had a wonderful genealogy website that came up in my Google search!


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