February 16, 2017

Reba Hoffman family photo found in Arkansas

Reba Hoffman family
Backside of Hoffman photo
Becca at BeccaBoosTique Flea Market in Alpena

This photo was purchased February 16, 2017 from Becca at BeccaBoosTique and Flea Market on Main Street (Highway 412) in Alpena, Arkansas. Becca said it was purchased locally.  The backside is simply labeled  Mr. Hoffman,  Reba and ……

The embossed photographer’s mark on the front paper frame is legible under a magnifying glass as Cochrane, Belleville. I speculate this could be Belleville, Illinois, a St. Louis suburb. There is also a small town in Arkansas called Belleville which is located in Yell County. I’ll see if a connection there can determine if there was once a photographer named Cochrane in that town. There is also an unincorporated community called Belleville in Jasper County, Missouri

The two females in the photo bear a striking resemblance and if they are mother and daughter, separated by not many years. The man seems much older than both women so he may be father/grandfather or husband. The trio is well dressed.  Can anyone provide an estimation of the decade during which this photo was taken based on their clothing?

I’ve found some possibilities at Ancestry.com for a Reba Hoffman but nothing that conclusively connects to this picture so far. The hunt is on!


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