April 6, 2018

Jessie Kerley at age 21

This nice old photo was found in the collection of Angalee Rushing of Fox, Arkansas. Angalee’s husband, Rodney, hypothesizes that the postcard might have come from the collection of his Aunt Euda Branscum Hinesley. It’s a postcard photo and Jessie penned a sweet poem to her Aunt Annie on the back and signed it “Jessie Kerley, age 21 yrs.” In different ink and handwriting is noted “Floyd Bransum’s wife Jessie.” Likely added by the recipient. The photographer’s stamp at front bottom right says G.H. FARNUM  OKEMAH, OKLA

Angalee is not sure where she got the photo. Jessie was married and lived part of her life in Fox. She is buried at the Fox Cemetery. My research at FamilySearch.org looking at 1920-1940 censuses does not show any children in her household. She was married to Floyd Branscum. I’ll be looking for great nieces or nephews to return it to.

UPDATE: I was contacted by a member of the Okfuskee Historical Society in Okemah Oklahoma.  Okemah was the town where the photograph was made. The photo has been mailed to them to display in the museum. It seems like a fitting place of honor for Jessie!

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