September 9, 2018

Martha Eads Baker and Andrew Harrison Baker

This photo appears to be a reprint of a very old photo. It has a few creases in it, but the image is still clear. The back is captioned, identifying the couple as Martha Eads Baker, wife of Andrew Harrison Baker. Then it gives additional information on their son, Fred Baker, born 1885 and his son, Wallace Baker, born 1913, and his son Bruce Baker, born 1941. With the complete names it was easy to find this couple in the tree at  Their profiles there show that Andrew Harrison Baker was born in Wayne, Kentucky in 1841 and died in Kansas in 1918. Martha Eads was also born in Wayne, Kentucky a few years later in 1851 and died in Kansas in 1937.

I will be emailing a contributor for the profile to see if they are a direct descendant of this couple and would like to have the photo.

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