April 22, 2019

Charles B. Sears photographed in Missouri

“Charles B. Sears”

This antique photo of a dapper fellow was purchased at a flea market in Branson or Ozark Missouri in 2018.  It is captioned on the back as “Charles B. Sears.” The photographer stamp on the front offers an additional clue with location of Cameron, MO.  Charles’ dress and large waxed mustache seem to match styles of the 1890’s. Ancestry.com yielded a family tree with a Charles Benton Sears, born 1872 in Kidder, Caldwell, Missouri. A google map search revealed that the Missouri towns of Kidder and Cameron are only ten miles apart. The name match, nearby location, and approximate age of the subject in the 1890’s when this photo was likely taken helped me conclude it must be a match.  Charles Benton Sears married Keziah Elizabeth Van Hooser and census reports do not show the couple had children. My friend, Don Adams from Mountain View AR, has a Sears family line and connected me with a Sears family researcher to whom I will return the photo. The photo will be sent to Ray Sears in Yukon, Oklahoma for placement in the Sears family. I’ve also uploaded the photo to the profile of Charles Benton Sears found at FamilySearch.org.

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