March 1, 2015

Missouri senior class and teacher photos

Senior Class photo taken by Knepper of Desloge, Missouri

This senior class photo and old photo of Lasca Gideon, below, were purchased at Backyard Antiques in Clinton, Arkansas.  Lasca’s name is penciled at the top of the photo mat. With a nice, unusual name like Lasca, it was not hard to find her at enumerated in St. Francois County, Missouri in the 1930 and 1940 censuses and also a 1979 Social Security Death index. The senior class photo was purchased from the same booth in the flea market.  An online search revealed that Lasca was a school teacher. Could the young teacher in the class photo be Lasca Gideon? Phone calls are being placed to relatives of Lasca in Missouri and hopefully this will soon be a mystery solved.

Lasca Gideo with signature


On a trip to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, I stopped in at the Farmington Press Daily Journal and met Editor Shawnna Robinson.  I showed her the class photo and the picture of Lasca Gideon and told her about the quest to return them to a family member.  Shawnna was a great resource in helping with the search.  She wrote a story about the pictures and the hunt for descendants that was published July 23, 2015 and can be read at the following link:
The same day it was published she got phone calls from family members of Lasca’s and they are pursuing the identity of the graduating class.  Stay tuned for Shawnna’s follow-up story.  She’s hot on the trail of solving this mystery.  Pictured below are Renee Carr and Shawnna Robinson with the pictures.

Shawnna’s followup story on July 30, 2015 tells the rest of the story…..Mystery Solved: two sisters of a graduate pictured, identified the group as Doe Run Class of 1946.  The class photo is being sent to their brother, Robert “Bob” King, who resides in Colorado now. The pictured traveled from Missouri to Arkansas, back to Missouri, and is on its way to Colorado!

Relatives of Lasca Gideon, descendants of her niece, Dorothy Gideon Herbst, have claimed her picture.  The teacher in the class photo was not Lasca Gideon, but has been identified as Mae Hennrich. Read the rest of the story titled Case Closed on the found photos as told by Shawnna Robinson at the Farmington Press Daily Journal at this link:

Renee Carr and Editor Shawnna Robinson at Farmington Press Daily Journal

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