March 1, 2015

Jameyson photo travels from Iowa to Illinois to Arkansas to Washington

Hannah & Charlie JameysonI purchased this photo at the Rainbow Flea Market in Mountain View, Arkansas on February 21, 2015.  The booth owner had recently moved to the area from Illinois and believed she had likely purchased the photo from an estate sale in the Rockford, Illinois area. The back of the photo, in faded pencil, reads Hannah and Charlie Jameyson.  The photographer stamp on the mat says Waterloo, Iowa. An internet search at, using only the names and state, yielded a marriage record for Charles and Hannah Jameyson who married 27 November 1902 in Norway, Benton, Iowa.  The search also found the couple listed along with their children Donald T., Adrian Robert, Julia, and Ruth in the 1910 U.S. census with youngest daughter Helen included on the 1920 census, residing at Cameron Hall, Nebraska.  Through further research the death date and place of Charlie and Hannah as well as each of their children was established.  I knew then, that I needed to be searching for grandchildren of the couple.  A google search landed a gold mine with the obituary of Ruth Jameyson Hruska published in the Baltimore Sun in 2004.  The obituary listed Ruth’s children, one of whom is Donald Hruska of Omak, Washington. Donald was excited to learn about the picture, saying he had never seen a picture of his Jameyson grandparents together. His grandfather had died several years before Donald was born. This is what Return the Photos is all about, reuniting precious photos with happy family members.  I’m thrilled to return this photo of Charlie and Hannah Jameyson as a gift to the Jameyson family to have and to hold forever.

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