March 1, 2015

Southside Class of 1939 Returned to Memphis

Southside High School, Memphis, Class of 1939

This picture was purchased at Backyard Antiques in Clinton, Arkansas.  At the bottom of the photo was stamped Southside High School Class of 1939. Compliments of the Mulford Jewelry Company.  There are likely hundreds of Southside High Schools across the U.S.  However, a Google search revealed that there was only one Mulford Jewelry Company!  Located in Memphis, the Mulford Jewelry Company had long since closed as had Southside High School.   Mystery solved, but who should have this beautiful senior photo?  A phone conversation with fellow LDS church member Bob McBride of Memphis led to him connecting me with Memphis Commercial Appeal journalist David Waters.  Waters interviewed me and wrote a story for the newspaper, including a picture of the Class of 1939, offering it to a class member and having a drawing if there were more than one who contacted the newspaper.  His story is at this link:

Fourteen people responded to the newspaper that they or their parents were in the Class of 1939 photo.  The newspaper held a drawing and the original framed photo was presented to the winner, 92 year-old Annie Katz Prager.  The Commercial Appeal also provided copies of the photo for thirteen other graduates or their descendants who had responded.  Waters wrote a follow-up story that was published the following week.


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