June 14, 2017

Miss Melton graduates from Shawnee OK High School

This photo of the lovely Miss Melton was purchased by Richard Stoltze of Mountain View, Arkansas. He bought a box at Hutch Auctions in Damascus, Arkansas and found this photo and a few others in with the other contents. It’s a large photo, 11×14, and has been out of the frame and is torn around the edges. On the back in pencil, it is captioned Lolla Melton, Shawnee High School Graduate.

UPDATE: I was able to track down a relative and now this picture is headed to Ohio to be reunited with family. Another happy return!


  • Hello Renee! Thank you for contacting me ! Yes this is the sister of my mom’s sister in law! I’m in touch with a cousin who may be interested, am waiting to hear back from him !
    This is wonderful !

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