May 30, 2017

The O’Bryan family needs to be reunited with their family photo

This family photo was given to me by Richard Stoltze of Mountain View, Arkansas. Richard has an interest in preserving history and volunteers at the Stone County Museum. Richard found the photos in a box of goods he bought at Hutch Auctions near Damascus, Arkansas. He gave me several at one time, but this one has the best clues. On the back, pictured above is a full caption, identifying every family member in the photo. A search for Roscoe and Inez O’Bryan at landed an Arkansas marriage record dated May 2, 1937 for Joseph R. O’Bryan and Inez Sisk.  Roscoe was from Millington, Tennessee and Inez Sisk was from Joiner, Arkansas.  Also found at, by 1940 the couple resided at Memphis, TN and had lived in rural Tipton county in 1935.  Roscoe and Inez would by now have passed away. So that leaves me looking for any of their surviving children. The hunt is on! Does anyone know any of the children? Did they remain in the Memphis area? Unfortunately the children have much more common names than Roscoe and Inez, so finding them is more of a challenge. Joseph Patrick O’Bryan, Margaret Rocella O’Bryan, Michael Timothy O’Bryan, Tom O’Bryan, John O’Bryan, and Teressa O’Bryan.

Update: on a later search at I found an obituary for Joseph Roscoe O’Bryan in 1993. He died in Germantown, TN.  His wife, Inez, four sons, and two daughters survived him. Through an internet search I was able to find a contact number for the youngest girl in the photo, Theresa. This family photo as well as some other photos found together with this one are headed to Ohio to be reunited with family. A family reunion is happening in a few weeks and these photos will be there. Another happy return!


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