May 29, 2017

Marian Woodbury photographed in Rhode Island

This old photo was purchased at Nancy’s Antiques & Gifts in Mountain View, Arkansas on May 29, 2017. On the back of the brown card frame is written in very faint pencil “Marian Woodbury.” Another clue on the front cover of the paper photo frame is the photographer’s embossed stamp. It says Louis Oliver on one side of the round logo and Providence on the other side. A google search shows that Louis Oliver was a photographer in Providence, Rhode Island. A search for Marian Woodbury on yielded a 1930 census that this Marian was born about 1904 in Rhode Island and was living at Richmond, Washington County, Rhode Island. ¬†At age 26, she was a public school teacher. Armed with this information, I was also able to find the same Marian Woodbury in the family tree on There it says she was married to Josiah Carroll Palmer and she died in 1950. Next step is to email some of the contributors to her profile in the family tree and see if this photo is their Marian Woodbury.

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