April 20, 2018

A salute from Ellen M. Larson of Michigan

This photo was sent to me by Richard Stoltze of Mountain View AR. It was in a family photo collection and Richard noted that his dad served in the US Army about the same time as Ellen M. Larson so it’s assumed they met during that time and she gave him the photo. The caption on the back not only identifies Ellen with her address back home in Traverse City Michigan, and that she was at Camp McQuaide in California from 1943-1944, but also provides a nice handwriting sample. Ellen had very nice penmenship.  I was able to find an Ellen M. Larson in the tree at FamilySearch.org. This Ellen found at FamilySearch.org was born in 1907 in Minnesota. However, the 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses find her living in Grand Traverse County, Michigan and living in the town of Grand Traverse by 1930. With all these dates and places lining up, I presume this is a match. There are also several marriage records for Ellen found at FamilySearch.org. She married at least three times.  George Washington Kirt was first and third. A marriage to Charles W. Phelps was second. A contributor tree at Ancestry.com shows that Ellen was married a fourth time, to Warren Frederick Ackerman Sr. in 1950. Ellen died in 1953. I have not yet found records indicating she had children. I’m contacting the contributor to a family tree at Ancestry.com to see if she is a close relative of Ellen’s. I’m adding this photo to Ellen’s profile at FamilySearch.org. Thank you for your service in World War II, Ellen. I hope this photo gets returned to your family soon.

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