April 14, 2016

Re-gifted quilt a treasure

Quilt embroidered with names

Rushing Quilt block

Hinesley quilt block

This quilt, made for Reverend T.W. Hayes, about 1927-1931, has been returned to the community that presented it to him almost 90 years ago. The 440 names on the quilt are primarily from the Rushing community in Stone County and Van Buren County, Arkansas and appear to be those who attended church services or music schools at Antioch General Baptist Church in Rushing during this era.  I’ve typed the names (with no spelling corrections) and listed them in alphabetical order below. If you would like a photo of a particular square containing the name of your ancestor, please email a request.

Here is a newspaper article about the quilt published by the Stone County Leader and the Voice (Van Buren County) in April 2016.

Re-gifted quilt is a treasure                                                                                      by Renee Rushing Carr

Roger and Ramona Rorie of Clinton delivered a quilt to my parents, Rodney & Angalee Rushing of Rushing, last week. It wasn’t just any quilt. This quilt has 440 names on it! Each embroidered with red thread, contained on 20 blocks with 22 names each embroidered inside leaves stitched in green. The Rories had been to visit friends Toney & Sallie Parish in Clinton recently. The Parishes were distributing family heirlooms to family members.  No one in the family knew the names on the quilt and did not want to take it, believing it belonged elsewhere. The family story was that it was a gift to Toney’s grandfather, T.W. Hayes, who had been a preacher throughout the region. They presumed it may have been a gift from a congregation where he preached, but they did not know where.  Ramona and Roger Rorie, former Fox residents, looked at the quilt and Ramona quickly recognized most of the names as people from the Rushing community. The most prevalent surnames, about 50 of each are Hinesley, Holland, and Rushing, as well as about 20 Harper surnames. The remaining 270 names are varied.

We speculate that women assigned the quilt squares out to one another to be embroidered, then together pieced the quilt and held a quilting bee. The quilting pattern outlines each of the leaves and stems and goes around each block.

Together my parents and I tried to “date” the quilt by figuring out which children were on it and which were not. Which girls were married and which were listed by their maiden names? We narrowed it down by discovering that Hubert Hinesley of Fox is possibly the youngest individual on the quilt. He was born February 2, 1927.  Based on this and the exclusion of some younger people, it is estimated that the quilt was made 1927-1931. My paternal grandparents, Ina Hinesley and Clay Rushing, were married in 1930.  She is listed on the quilt under her maiden name.  My four paternal great grandparents are also on the quilt: Phillip Malanthy (P.M.) & Nioma Rushing and Charles Marion & Lissie Hinesley.

In 1928 a very large baptism service for Antioch General Baptist Church took place with over 30 people from the Rushing area baptized.  A small picture of the group exists today. Rodney Rushing, whose father, Clay, was one of those baptized, has a theory that a revival covering several weeks preceded the baptism service and the names on the quilt may be those who attended the revival. Possibly Reverend Hayes was the evangelist at the revival? Mickey Parish of Clinton now has his great grandfather, T.W. Hayes’, journal which records that during 1927-1932 he pastored churches at Fox and Shirley.

For those who enjoy family history and local history, the quilt is truly a gift. The quilt was first a practical gift of time and love in appreciation for Reverend Hayes. Now, almost 90 years later, it is a gift back to the Rushing Community as a historical artifact. The quilt documents the general vicinity where 440 people lived in 1927.  Though most of the names are associated with the community of Rushing, names of those who resided between Rushing and Shirley, in Van Buren County, are also included as well as some names from Fox.  A few surnames, including Turney, are from Cleburne County.  Some names on the quilt are from the Red River Township of Stone County. After researching Reverend T.W. Hayes and his wife, Mae, I found that they lived in Red River Township in 1930. That explains why some of the names on the quilt are from that township while not many names from Fox and Turkey Creek are included.

A few names are duplicated several times on the quilt. Earl Bonds’ name is on the quilt five times. Born in 1906, he was still a bachelor at the time the quilt was made. He was a school teacher and also carried the mail on horseback for a time, so he would have been well known even though he did not live in the Rushing community.  His 1930 marriage record indicates he resided at Lydalisk, an M&NA railroad stop on the Little Red River, at the time of his marriage to Oma Lea Ramsey.

Ramona Rorie’s uncles, Forrest and Leo Ticer, who lived at Fox, are on the quilt although her father, Joe, is not. Joe’s older brothers were 22 and 24 at the time, both single, and likely were mobile enough to attend church services at various locations at the time, while Joe, at age 13, attended with his parents closer to home at Fox.  The names of Neal and Minnie Holland and their daughter, Julia Holland Powell, and her husband Albert are on the quilt. Neal was postmaster at Fox at the time, and his daughter, Julia, would serve as postmaster for many years.  One block of the quilt contains the names of preachers who had preached in the area. Also included are Ed and Ella Stevens who ran the large mercantile and post office at Rushing Junction where Ella served as postmaster for 39 years.

The quilt spent most of its 90 years in Conway where T.W. & Mae Hayes moved in the 1940’s. Their daughter, Julia Parish Baker, who also resided in Conway, received the quilt upon her mother’s death and was a good caretaker of it. In 2001, Toney and Sallie Parish moved his mother, Julia, to Clinton to better care for her until her passing. Her husband passed away recently. The quilt was found packed in a plastic bag on a closet shelf.

Some people would view it as coincidence or serendipity that the quilt was eventually returned from Conway to Clinton where the Rories would just happen to see it and recognize the names on the quilt. For my parents and me, it’s a “Godwink”…sure evidence that this quilt that honored a man who preached the word of God was, through God’s design, returned to the community and the very descendants of those who heard the word preached.  I’m sure they had no idea that this quilt on which they had labored would one day be a treasured heirloom documenting their very existence at a particular place and period in time.

We welcome any information anyone can provide about the quilt or those whose names are on it. At least two people whose names are included are still living: Hubert Hinesley of Fox and Selma Thornton (Campbell) of Shirley. We would love to know if there are others. The full list of 440 names, typed in alphabetical order, may be viewed at http://returnthephotos.com/re-gifted-quilt-a-treasure/

A display case will be made for the quilt for display at the Outreach Center at Antioch General Baptist Church at Rushing for Memorial Day services on May 29.

(Renee Rushing Carr is a genealogy enthusiast and volunteer Director of the Family History Center at 612 S. Peabody Street in Mountain View. She is also currently serving as president of the Stone County Historical Society.)

Mrs. Ira Anderson
J. Arnold
J. Baker
H.A. Bellamy
J.W. Bellamy
Maggie Berry
Bob Berry
Belle Berry
Claudine Berry
Helen Berry
Tommy Berry
Walter Berry
Nora Berry
Robert Bishop
Alice Pearl Bishop
Roxie Bishop
Mrs. Bishop
Mr. Bishop
J.F. Boggs
Earl Bonds
Earl Bonds
Earl Bonds
Earl Bonds
Earl Bonds
King Bradford
Ray Branscum
Remath Branscum
Truman Branscum
Clarence Branscum
Lula Branscum
Elma Branscum
Ella Brown
Johnie Brown
Mrs. A.E. Bunner
Mrs. J.A. Callender
J.A. Callender
Aubie Carroll
C. Casey
D. Cavender
Sarah Chester
Sally Cocher (Kocher)
J.E. Cox
Mary Dabbs
Mrs. Ed Dabbs
Edd Dabbs
Thelma Daniels
Sherman Daniels
Lodell Daniels
Rachel Daniels
Willis Daniels
Lillie Daniels
Jessie Daniels
Francis Deason
W.N. Duncan
Jessie Emerson
Earl Emmerson
Evelyn Emmerson
Frona Erving
Mrs. Erving
Lesley Etter
Pearl Etter
W. Faulkner
Velma Files
Lee Files
Johnie Files
Garner Files
Mattie Files
J. Gardner
Sam Giddeon
Hattie Goff
Will Goff
Altha Green
George Guffey
Maud Guffey
T. Harness
Martha Harness
G. {George} Harper
Dinna Harper
Lila Harper
Ruby Harper
Lotha Harper
Ual Harper
Oren Harper
Anna Harper
Hubert Harper
V. Harper
Thurlo Harper
Edith Harper
Roy Harper
Una Harper
Ralph Harper
Ray Harper
Rina Harper
Henry Harper
M. Harper
Junie Harper
Lilian Hayes
May Hayes
Ollie Hazlett
Ella Hines
Gladys Hines
Alice Hinesley
Azra Hinesley
Emma Hinesley
Losia Hinesley
Ebb Hinesley
Elmer Hinesley
Mollie Hinesley
Chas. Howard Hinesley
Raymond Hinesley
Epha Hinesley
Audie Hinesley
Gladys Hinesley
Nellie Hinesley
Emma Hinesley
Elbert Hinesley
Elosia Hinesley
Roy Hinesley
Nellie Hinesley
Azra Hinesley
Henry Hinesley
Ruth Hinesley
Marion Hinesley
Lissie Hinesley
Ina Hinesley
Carl Hinesley
Emmett Hinesley
Ora Hinesley
Orpha Hinesley
Kermit Hinesley
Winnie Hinesley
Carson Hinesley
C.A. Hinesley
C.A. Hinesley
Winnie Hinesley
Herman Hinesley
Dicey Hinesley
Mary Hinesley
Elton Hinesley
Hubert Hinesley
Carl Hinesley
Esther Hinesley
Eva Hinesley
Onis Hinesley
Nina Hinesley
Dony Hinesley
J.M. Hinesley
Sally Hinesley
Jesse Hinesley
Ray HInesley
R.F. Hinesley
Tom Hinesley
Eller Hinesley
Pearl Hinkle
John Hinkle
Ruth Hinkle
George Hinkle
Alene Hinkle
Nethelene Hinkle
Ruthel Hinkle
Dude Hinkle
Lonzo Hinkle
Melvin Hinkle
Mary Hinkle
Ike Hinkle
Eliza Holland
C.A. Holland
Thomas Holland
Norma Holland
Neal Holland
Minnie Holland
D. Holland
Iris Holland
Barney Holland
Lee Holland
J.R. Holland
Ola Holland
Nell Holland
Mary E. Holland
Hubert Holland
Harriett Holland
M. F. Holland
J.M. Holland
A. Holland
Louella Holland
H. Holland
Marketia Holland
Grady Holland
Forrest M. Holland
Mary Jo Holland
Julia Holland
J.E. Holland
Eltis Holland
Pearl Holland
Finis Holland
C.A. Holland
Liza Holland
Murel Holland
Arthur Holland
Ben Holland
Jewell Holland
Joe Holland
Ruth Holland
Fern Holland
Hope Holland
John Holland
Virginia Holland
Helen Holland
B. Holland
Maggie Holland
Neda Holland
Odis Holland
Bryant Holland
Chase Holland
Grace Holland
Dovie Holland
Ethel Holland
Alvin Holland
Tom Holland
Mattie Holly
Clyde Hooten
Lena Hooten
W. Hulsey
Minna Hulsey
Bitha Hulsey
B. Isaac
Claud Jenkins
Mary Jenkins
Robert Jennings
Grover Jennings
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings
Anna Kendall
Mrs. Kendall
Anna Kendall
J.E. King
J. King
J.E.G. Knight
Bonie Ruth Lewis
Major Lewis
Mamie Lewis
Lissia Lewis
Richard Lewis
Mary Lewis
Charlie Lewis
Dlue Lewis
Owen Long
Laura Long
David Long
Elgie Long
Lucille Long
Fate Long
Flora Long
Cal Long
Johnie Long
Pinkney Long
Irine Long
Ollie Long
Martina Jean Long
Matt Long
Elbert Lowrance
Ima Lowrance
Herbert Lowrance
Almer Lowrance
Bud Lowrance
Earl Lowrance
Irma Lowrance
Soland Lyday
Alice Lyday
Lucy Lyday
May Lyday
Marion Lynn
Cora Lynn
Leona Martin
Marie Martin
Marie Martin
Sarah May
George May
Rosa May
Lucy May
Evelyn May
Mildred May
H.A. McCowan
Imojene Moncrief
Eunice Dean Moncrief
Martha Moncrief
Edith Moncrief
Mildred Moncrief
L.G. Montgomery
D.N. Moody
Lina Moore
Mabel Moore
Lois Moore
Hubert Moore
Lula Faye Moore
Walter Moore
Angie Moore
Willie Moore
Frazie Moore
Grace Moore
Pearl Moore
Lillian Moore
Robert Moore
Sam Moore
Ira Moore
J.H. O’Neal
W.E. Pearson
W. Phelps
Ruby Phelps
Theesta Phelps
Mae Pierce
Tempa Pierce
Albert Powell
Julia Powell
Lomah Reeves
Mat Reeves
Hiriam Reeves
Eva Reeves
Mat Reeves
J.D. Reeves
Hiriam Reeves
Orvel Reeves
Herman Reeves
Orvel Reeves
Hiram Reeves
Lomah Reeves
Etter Reeves
T.E. Rhoades
Edward Rhoades
Hadley Rushing
Blonde Rushing
M.M. Rushing
Cora Rushing
Homer Rushing
Hazel Rushing
Opal Rushing
Anna C. Rushing
Mary Rushing
Champ Rushing
Ira Alice Rushing
Roy Rushing
Joe Rushing
Maye Rushing
Nat Rushing
Ethel Rushing
Clay Rushing
Blake Rushing
Basha Rushing
Nioma Rushing
P.M. Rushing
Mark Rushing
Lola Rushing
J.B. Rushing
Maggie Rushing
Mitchell Rushing
Wilson Rushing
Claud Rushing
Hadley Rushing
Blonde Rushing
Cora Rushing
Matt Rushing
P.M. Rushing
Nioma Rushing
Basha Rushing
Maggie Rushing
Blake Rushing
Clay Rushing
Charles M. Rushing
Anna Rushing
Lora Rushing
Mark H. Rushing
Alice Rushing
J.W. Rushing
Norma Ruth Rushing
Julia Rushing
Calvin Rushing
Curtis Rushing
Edith Rushing
J. Sandage
Anna Shanks
Ollie Shanks
R.E. Smallwood
Mr. Smith
Mrs. Smith
Zular Smith
Tina Smith
Carvell Smith
Ollie Smith
Wayne Smith
Barbara Smith
Thomas Smith
Eltha Stephens
Opal Stephens
Flossie Stephens
Harbet Stephens
E. Stevens
E. E. Stevens
H. Stroud
R.A. Suggs
R.A. Suggs
D.M. Taylor
Lucy Taylor
Nettie Taylor
Ephraim Taylor
Evelyn Taylor
Clara Fae Taylor
Herbert Taylor
Pairlee Thomas
Omega Thompson
Ethel Thorlton
George Thorlton
Ida Thornton
John Thornton
Selma Thornton
J.R. Thornton
James Thornton
Mary Sue Thornton
Evelyn Thornton
Forrest Ticer
Leo Ticer
Everett Treat
Lillie Treat
L. Treat
Bettie Jo Turney
Henry L. Turney
Hershel Turney
John Turney
Winnie Turney
Leroy Vandiver
Jewel Vandiver
Madella Vandiver
Gay Whitaker
Golda Williams
Alice Williams
Calla Williams
C.F. Wood


  • Just read your wonderful story about the Quilt Treasure in THE LEADER. I just love this amazing story although I am certain none of our ancestors are on the quilt.

  • This is really interesting. I called my mom and there are definitely family members/ancestors of ours that are on there. I’d love to get photos of the Branscum and Treat names. Thank you!

  • We are related to the Reeves on the quilt. Could we get pictures of the blocks with the Reeves name? Thank you.

    • Hi, Jan. Is this the Jan that worked at Leslie previously? If so, i remember you! I’ll email you the photos.

  • Renee, lost your email address, found you on facebook, but I guess you do not go there often !!! I am Genia Haslar & I met you at Rushing cemetery where I had gone to take pics of graves, my email is ghaslar@ gmail.com. please respond via facebook, messenger, or email when you get time, trying to send you pics ! Your mother still cans !!! It was so awesome to be invited into your mom’s home and to meet you both !! I felt HOME !!!

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