April 5, 2019

Maggie Powers’ children strike a precious pose

Captioned on the back “Maggie Powers children”

This photo was purchased April 4, 2019 at Southern Mercantile in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. What an adorable photo! However, if not for another photo in the display box which pictured four young adults, one of whom was “Maggie Sligar Powers” I could not have solved this mystery. Maggie Powers is too common a name, but add the maiden name of Sligar, and she was an easy find in FamilySearch.org.  From her profile, I learned that Maggie was born 1882 and raised in McMinn County, Tennessee, the daughter of Jacob Lafayette and Sarah (Brock) Sligar. She married Luther Bryson Powers in McMinn County, Tennessee in 1906 but they soon moved across the country to Washington, then Oregon, before landing in Los Angeles County, CA where she died and is buried.  Maggie’s FamilySearch profile also lists her children: Claude Thelmer, Loren, Eugene Lafayette, Oleta, and Elizabeth and they perfectly match the birth order shown in the photo, which helped confirmed the match was accurate. Since Elizabeth, the youngest was born in July 1913, I estimate this is a 1913 or 1914 photo. Perhaps the biggest mystery is why the photos landed in a flea market in Arkansas. There should be children and grandchildren that would love to have the photo. I’m messaging some of the FamilySearch contributors to see if they are direct descendants. I’ll be happy to send this precious photo back to family.

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  • Thank you!!!!!! These beautiful children showed up in my photo options for my tree at familysearch.org.
    I may not be the closest family member, but they are my 2nd cousins twice removed, through their mother Sarah Magdelene “Maggie” Sligar–up through the Brock family of McMinn County, Tennessee.

    I appreciate the rescue! I have seen no other photos existing for these children, and this is truly the kindness of strangers making my tree come to life with these faces!

    Barbara in Nashville

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