April 8, 2019

Pauline Sligar photo makes its way to Arkansas

Pauline Sligar

This photo was purchased with two others (featured on this website) at Southern Mercantile in Prairie Grove, Arkansas on April 4, 2019. On the front of the paper frame is written “Pauline Sligar.” Some digging through Ancestry.com and FamilySearch.org gave me enough information to learn that Pauline Helen Sligar was born in 1915 in Colorado to William Alonzo Sligar and Mamie Sue Dennis. She married Thomas Albinas Brewer in Los Angeles County, CA and they had two children, Thomas Arthur Brewer and Jeanie Carel Brewer who are both deceased. The obituary for her son, Tom, was a gold mine, providing conclusive information. Also substantiating that I had the right Pauline Sligar, was the fact that her father was a son of Jacob Lafayette Sligar, Jr., four of whose children were pictured in the same collection found at the antique store. See separate profile for Sligar children on this website. I am messaging the contributor of Tom’s profile on FamilySearch.org to see if she is closely related and would like to have this photo.

UPDATE: Through the assistance of cousins Edwina and Juanita who gave me a contact for family in California, this photo is being returned to Pauline’s niece, Linda, who shared that her Aunt Pauline was red-headed, a fact not discernible from the black and white photo. The photo is on its way to Linda in California. Another happy return!

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  • Again, a big smile here in Tennessee as I look into the eyes of this 2nd cousin 2x removed. I am so happy to add all three of these wonderful photos to my distant branch of the Brock family of McMinn County, Tennessee.

    Barbara in Nashville

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